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Pallet Racking & Shelving

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking systems are designed using two basic components; pre-assembled welded end frames and rigid one-piece interlocking horizontal beams. Beams engage into frames on 3" increments and come standard with safety clips to prevent disengagement from frames. All racking systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable regulations and specifications.

Push Back Rack

A first-in last out system (FILO) Push back is designed to offer increased storage density with more pick faces than traditional high-density systems. Available in 2 to 6 deep systems Push Back is capable of handling up to 3,000 lbs. per pallet position. Standard designs are for CPC or GMA pallets but non-standard designs for other weights, pallet sizes and containers are available. Each system must be engineered to fit your operational needs. Push Back systems require less space that Pallet Flow systems and can be arranged as back-to-back or stand alone bays.

Drive In Rack

Drive-In/Thru Racks allow a lift truck to enter the rack from one side to pick up or pull out pallets. This is done because pallets can slide backwards on a continuous rail. Forklifts drive into the rack to access pallets two or more deep. You are limited in the depth of storage for a particular bay by the size of your facility. Drive-In/Thru racks are typically subject to more abuse than selective racks due to the way they are utilized, so rack integrity and strength are important factors. It is ideal rack for cooler or freezer applications.

This is a last-in, first-out arrangement for your pallets. Drive-In & Drive-Through Racks offer the ability to store a large amount of similar loads in a smaller area. Selectivity is sacrificed, but storage density is outstanding. Drive In Racking can store up to 75% more pallets in the same space than selective racking -- depending on your application. It requires fewer aisles and is better cubic storage.

Pallet Flow Rack

Offering substantial labour and space savings over selective or Drive-In racking systems, Pallet flow utilizes a calculated angle of decent to advance pallets along roller track or track beds from restocking position to the picking position of the system. This first-in, first out system simplifies tracking and locating inventory while ensuring that product receives proper stock rotation. Standard systems are designed to accommodate regular pallets, however designs are available to suit non-standard sized pallets or containers.


Welded Wire Decks Allow Better Air Circulation and Improve Sprinkler Effectiveness. Safety Bars are metal cross bars that assure proper load balance and prevent misplaced pallets from falling through. Safety bars would be used instead of wire decks.

Bolted/Boltless Shelving

Heavy duty bolted industrial shelving. Installs easily using regular tools, without the need of skilled help. Basic unit contains 19 ga. steel shelves, 14 ga. steel posts and side and back braces. Powder painted grey for a durable finish. Posts have a keyhole design to allow numerous shelves to be clipped if top, middle and bottom shelves are bolted. Add-on components such as back panels and bin fronts to customize unit ECONOMICALLY PRICED heavy duty interlock BOLTESS industrial shelving. Designed for maximum strength and durability. Assembles in minutes without nuts and bolts. Easily assembled in an upright position in less than one third of the time of bolted shelving. Shelf heights can be changed without dismantling the unit. Powder painted in a high quality olive grey. Standard unit contains 19 ga. steel shelves, 15 ga. steel T-posts, and side and back “X” bracing.

Widespan Shelving

Extremely versatile wide span shelving system, ideal for heavy hand loaded material. The widespan shelving system can be erected in minutes without tools, hardware, or the need of skilled help. The Widespan shelving system is a versatile and flexible storage system that can solve practically any medium to heavy load storage problem. All steel parts are phosphate undercoated prior to having a powder epoxy finish. Standard colour is light grey. Economical cut to size wood decking can be used for shelf levels, or galvanized steel pans.

Cantilever Racking

Our heavy duty Cantilever racking systems are designed to store a wide variety of products with unrestricted front access for standard and oversized items. Reducing handling time and increasing flexibility of storage positions, Cantilever racking allows quick access and is designed to accommodate loads with no vertical obstructions. Standard column heights range from 6’ to 24’ and Cantilever arms range from 18” to 60”. Systems are capable of storing up to 100,000 lbs. per column. Custom designs are common and can be designed to meet your exact requirements. Cantilever racking offers precision inventory control for any business using material of various lengths and sizes. Typical loads include metal extrusions, steel bars, tubes, pipes and lumber. With the use of narrow aisle or guided rail systems, high density Cantilever racking maximizes floor and vertical space. Floor guide rails and entry guards make cantilever safe and easy to use.